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MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & AUTOMATION magazine carries an article on “Importance of Patient Shifting Devices in Hospital and Home Environments”



The Article covers the rigors of design Uttejna went through in development of the product and also talks about the new Jacket Sling development under progress that shall help improve transfer efficiency by upto 40% while reducing the effort in the process.


View scanned copy of the article at www.uttejna.com/brochures/mea_article.pdf




19th November 2010 : UTTEJNA AT USID – 2010

Uttejna participated in USID 2010 at Hyderabad International Convention Center and presented a paper on “Application of Ergonomic Principles and Convergent Design Process in creating New Generation Patient Transferring Devices”. 


Uttejna demonstrated the Design rigors it went through in design of its NIRMAL 2000 SERIES PERSON TRANSFERRING DEVICES and also presented a roadmap of its future plan in the product range. The most exciting feature of the presentation was the revolutionary JACKET SLING that brings down transfer times by up to 40%


Ratanjit, Director at Uttejna presenting the paper at USID 2010



Contact us for the details on the product at uttejna@in.com



2nd August 2010 : Uttejna Offers OEM C-Arm Mechanics for Orthopaedic Monobloc C -Arms (INDIA)


UTTEJNA is a TECHNOLOGY DESIGN SERVICES company in Healthcare Domain


We now offer Basic Orthopaedic C-Arm Mechanics with following features as an OEM product at very attractive price


- 35 degree overscan and 90 degree underscan ( C orbital Motion)

- 360 degree rotation of C

- +/- 12 degrees of Wig Wag

- 450mm vertical travel

- Super low Lateral Height more suitable for Indian Doctors

- Collimators (with pure circular collimation) and Image as well as Tube Side laser aimers

- Rotating platform for camera integration

- Possibility of Upgrade kits for motorization in future

- No Patent violations : uses either generic C arm concepts or new patent pending Ideas


Why UTTEJNA's C arm ?

- People with core competencies in X Ray Generation and Image Chain need not invest in R&D for developing mechanics and can directly buy it from us

- Though platform shall be common to all customers, unique customizations can be done for individual companies to help them differentiate their product

- Special low price CUSTOMIZED & UNIQUE Industrial Design at a special offer price

- PROVEN TRACK RECORD : having designed C Arm and Cathlab Platforms for other companies on Turnkey basis and supported production lots (contact us for details)

- Single point contact for QC. No dealing with multiple vendors

- With hospitals moving to hub and spoke structure in INDIA and growing demand in RURAL/SEMI URBAN space guarantees a double digit growth of market in the domain.

- No development time : customized units delivered in two months flat ! ( we have developed and stabilized prototypes)


UTTEJNA TECHNOLOGIES is a DESIGN SERVICES company moving into OEM product manufacture. It has 35 years of cumulative healthcare design experience in its team with exposure to design of healthcare equipment for global and Indian companies. Contact us for design of any kind of medical equipment on exclusive basis too.


Contact us at uttejna@in.com or call + 91 93425 29324 for more details



27th February 2010: UTTEJNA IN ECONOMIC TIMES : UTTEJNA’s Patient hoist is covered by the ECONOMIC TIMES as one of the innovative products on display at TECHSHARE 2010. The Article also highlights Uttejna’s plans to launch more assistive aids in the future. The comments of the Director were included in an Article called I THINK THEREFORE I CAN” written by Shri Moinak Mitra of ECONOMIC TIMES 


You may view the scanned copy of article by CLICKING HERE


Kindly view ONLINE VERSION of the article at : ECONOMIC TIMES WEBSITE




15th & 16th February 2010: Uttejna participates at TECHSHARE 2010, displaying its unique NIRMAL 2000EV Series of Person transferring Device. The Device was well received and appreciated and UTTEJNA was able to develop several new leads for penetrating the market. Later on 16th Febreaury2010 , Ratanjit, Director of Uttejna Technologies, also presented a convincing paper called “CARING FOR THE CARE GIVER” at TECHSHARE 2010 expanding on the importance of use of proper transfer techniques and its impact on Social and Personal equation of the person with special needs and his/her surroundings.




20th December 2009 : Uttejna shall be presenting a Technical paper  at TECHSHARE 2010 (India Habitat Center, New Delhi) called CARING FOR THE CARE GIVER. The paper emphasizes on need for designing aids for care giver so that they can give better dignity of life and independence to people with motor disabilities. The technical presentation shall describe various lift techniques and also expand on NIRMAL 2000 EV series of Patient transfer Device and its advantages. It shall end by plotting a roadmap for improved mobility for the disabled.


Presentation is on TRACK 1 on 16th February 2010 at TECHSHARE 2010, India Habitat Center, New Delhi

See http://techshare.barrierbreak.com/agenda2010.php for agenda and TECHSHARE details




12th December 2009: Uttejna’s Imager Side Laser Aimer, a new product to improve OT room Productivity is featured as a new Product to Watch for in PRODUCT WATCH section of Indian Express Healthcare in their December 2009 Issue


You can see the article in their online version at :






12th OCTOBER 2009 : Uttejna announces availability of new product called IMAGER SIDE LASER AIMERS for Orthopaedic Surgeons. The device allows to reduce un necessary dosage of X Ray during positioning of C arm in Ortho Surgeries and also improves productivity of the OT room. 


Check out the PRODUCTS tab for more details



15th September 2009 : Uttejna’s Patient Transferring Device, which was launched in MEDICALL 2009 at Chennai, is featured in INDIAN EXPRESS HEALTHCARE as a new TREND in Healthcare development in their September 2009 issue.


You can also visit the online link to their magazine at : http://www.expresshealthcare.in/200909/tradetrends05.shtml




2nd August 2009 : Uttejna announces its forte into HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS by announcing launch of PERSON TRANSFERRING DEVICE at MEDICALL 2009 ( Chennai Trade Center).


The Patient Transferring Device is modelled on the lines of a Patient Hoist with various unique features for INDIAN ENVIRONMENT and USAGE SCENARIO


See  PRODUCTS tab for details on this product




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